WE love COMPUTOR. IT feeds us. OH no eye said. HOW do you meant this do you have one of them replicators like the Starships have inside the kitchen galley? Oh no SIR she said eye meant the MONEY that we get after all money is now god. ? Eye said Oh no Ohio is condemned. For they worship HOmosexuality there in Ohio is where its found. She went on and on about paychecks printed out. Doors and windows locked electronics is the key that keeps them safe from the streets. Let me tell you what eye have seen. ANyone can access anything. It only takes a thief. The card will swipe in any hand its not a safe eye dee. Murder is the rule of life no longer the conception of it. Time will only add to the worsening of it. It has been suggessted by my peers that eye have gimmicks to my poetry and no real poetical content. The same way a woman wants to be friends but does not want to kiss you or take you inside her as her lover. Who needs such a thing. She can be friends with all her flirts but she has nothing in this heart. She is a drunk. Eye am sitting in a padded chair eating food and playing with my love at night she is not there she is not aan option for love. Eye hope she dies a strang death mabe strangled from behind. For what she did to me my heart my time. Losing all her dirt from way behind. For hate that she has given me now replaces love oh how eye tried. You can not love an Atheist at night. Eye am now a twisted Christian Soldier almost queered and gay today. But only one thing lets me stay a happy man my Lady friend has love for me and her. The ewe replaces all the mixed up feelings that the worldy woman left me with today with all her love inside of me is why eye live and try to carry love to her at some bright future day. And even she has dissed me. Left me to rot for several weeks of time. Some of the student soroity girls here when they see a man the tongue goes in the cheek to bulge it out thats kind of cute and makes me hard and full of want. Oh high oh what do you think that men still write about. Its your loss Girlfriend you lost my heart and love.


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