April has a 666 April has a 666 666 Billion to one the phone is killing people slowly taking away there brains no one seems to fully understand this only a few people in the care business caught on to this they refuse to insure for people whom own and use the cell phone MICROWAVES end of the world phone number or namme silence is required they did a study on this scientifically using less radiation than a cell phone actually emits and found the phone can kill most all of your brain cells dead it does not even matter iff it is held up to the head or only in your hand you will soon be dead yes eye have a cell phone and keep it fully charged just to check the time eye might still live to be a ripe old 95 eye saw a hand stretched out to me and then it died with a nail inn a tree HE arose upp and now you see the scar in the hand oh the pity of a GOD for me on a wet and rainey day of tricks April has a 666 - See more at:

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