by Charles Robert Hice on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 11:05am ยท


and what will you be lttle boy when you grow up and did anyone say eye wish to grow up to be a  BUM ?

describe your job please what is it that you do a description please

This is a paroday this is a BUM speaking

eye panhandle money from honest people they would never give me any but eye beg eye lie and tell them its for food then eye buy booze and smoke

when eye run out of cigarettes and cigars eye hunt snipe

eye play dress upp at night

big huge red necks but nothing butt a belly sagging down nothing down below the belt iff you catch my drift not a real real man butt one of them is usually missing half the brain incase eye did not mention rude is what they do they get in face and punch the words at you refusing to believe the shifting sand dos not smell the same for them the same for you BUTT UPP MEE they say it carefully what can you do when the bum he comes just to annoy you his visit done it lingers like a song played in the background the unmitigated gall of BUM as he surrounds the person here you need a bus pass for the bus give to me only twenty cents and you can ride instead of walk it makes me wonder where he got such a prize find and he still wanders needing twenty centavoes eye just do not contribute to the panhandler needing beer it is so shallow a see threw idea elephant sits on his breasted wing awaiting the arrival of the BUM never in the History of this country has the Hierarchy been so removed from the Populace agrees the ones in charge need to Rule the poor need to be hidden from the street packed in green and brown packages of Solyant cans as human beans for all the rest of this if this dont bother you must be among the ruling class and money is your god god god the 666 is thine you BUM

a 666 poem

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