Contrasts Match

 Contrasts Match

Light fades at night the crows are not found as numerous and the day brings them circling in the city streets what did they expect to find perhaps the motor cars hit mice or even rabbits rare bits of beef left on the tarmac bring the murder of crows some relief from hunger the bag lady has her work to do she reaches past the odd boy and he backs away like she has some form of disease it is because he is gay he does not want this WOMAN to touch him and yes this is what SHE expected of him and wanted him to do she pulls the sack and it has half eaten food they told me BOY iff you could only travel as the Crow flies you can see more of this great Country CLimb the hill and roam the Dale no options in the moat to float a loan to buy a motor otto man the boat afloat and he laughed like the little girl he is slowly starving to death he will not search the trash for his fear is of the bag lady will infect him and so he does not eat much so skinny in the hood the Lady circles the area and goes to her blankets with half of a cream muffin some packages of beef tips that need to be cooked and one flat iron with the plug missing she can use this as a weight on her blanket to hold it down in the wind someone brought to her a box and she uses it now to hold the food it is just barely big enought she still does not knoe where to cook the food perhaps someone will come near with a stove a pipe a tobacco shop will open on the corner and they will have a microwave she can use the boy around the corner has a visitor the dog is barking and she does not like it the barking has upset her plans to cook the boy will leave and the dog will leave and she will open her book to read all about how

Contrast Match

bye CharlaX

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