fragile charlax fragile charlax 666 Life is short term anticipation of the recapitalization of Civilization ROME GREECE and all the GOVERNMENTS of JEWISH Ancestry taken over by the pIGS and given time to kill the innocent the larger dome of the Covenant is gone the way of tarnished time Burnt Brass and Green Copper replace the Gilt of Christ the act of NERO was a sacrifice the ABOMINATION of the ALLiteration of all time the mother of all poems is begun in quiet conviction columns of marble steppes large trees of abandon fruitless endeavours long winding searches in the desert areas devastating storms of plenty of undrinkable waters the backwater backlash of bemused reflection we read in hopes of understanding the poet the poem is beyond anyone to understand a simple rhyme is given reason and color but not the vivid imagination and yet we must keep adding our attention to get the content and the momentum as the pendulum of occams razor takes me home life is only a chrysalis form Inevitable destruction in the name of god But money rules the hearts The shekel larger then the loaf In god we trust and when a tragedy occurs we blame the god When it is the Devil all along Charlax is fragile fragile charlax
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