Little Read Rooster
Little Read Rooster
Copywrite @CharlaX Wednesday March 31 2010
aer ewe with it
we were all born too young during a differant time of war torn zone the things we thought were with it now aer gone
daddy momma told us wrong for they were born too young and all the things they thought was with it then were gone
there is coming after us the x generation children of the corn they were born too young and all the things they thought were with it aer now gone
in 2025 or so the classroom as we knoe it will be gone
one giant room where everybody sits on stone
the number 666 upon the door
one teacher for one pupil telling crimes
one observe reaction one obverse the truth
children clean your weapons
arm your armies get them ready
kill your families kill your brother
most of all just hate them most of all just kill them all
they all open up the little read rooster reader is one text book inside the reader there is a picture of a chicken there they learn nothing more they knoe nothing less then killing now is all there is
is this what we were fighting for back then
eye rest
mye case 

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