Grommet makers of Rome Italy. Putt your hand on your computor feel the heat from the electricity on your power chord repeat after eye Jesus heel me good so eye can BUY BUY BUy more more more things from PeaceBeWithYou now. TEe shrifts some confetti we left in the Attic one Day some old lint from the navel of the boys out to see. We is so religious it oozes from our pours too thee. Flippers flopping leaving traces of them tracks of my tears like the song tells us. Send us 29.99 us or gold billions of them coins. We will hope Jesus heels your feet so you will get to buy our complete selection of rubberized goods. After all we knoe he knoes we need the money to get our drugs. Send it in in droves. When we get our money you will get the PeaceBeWithYou. LZOLX


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