Ravages of Time
ideo matic thoughts
Jesus spoke to the group in front of him
can you imagine the chaos iff he was only speaking to John
someone comes up to Jesus after Church
your sermon was wonderful
what sermon you mean my conversation with John
why were you listening to that
the poet is dead eye am continuing his existance
to the city your marble is dirty the concrete edifce is brown not white the bronze turning green the brass green not golden in the sun
moss over hangging planters
alabaster plaster
skip stones
walls leaning into streets
streets ending into walls
parks walking dogs
stray people in the parks
pedestrians traffic ignored all the time
laws pertaining to crosswalks lost and ignored
there is a reason nothing ever gets seen on the intergnet people are only looking at the self the things they post the bookmarks the notes the facebook the email
the rich get richer they steal the poor address

anything to take Identity theft — in Tallahassee, FL. 

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