Ruin6ofa6Nation6 Ruin6ofa6Nation6 Eye died but not a cowards many deaths but only once when they remove my head at some future time when cold sharpened steal shall bite the flesh shall bite this naked neck that is severed from a head that refuses to be numbered as a spinning cog in Satans web wheeled emotions drained a True Jesus Freak beaten one two many times no life left inside of me but hate I do not think that I will even bleed not red but black and blue congealed and already dead against the very idea of Murder as a National Instituted Pasttime. 666 is coming a certain Public Enumeration one flavor over and over consistantly wheat mixed with mutton witness this ruin of this nation just wait untill it actually happens when they all decide to follow after Satan worshipping the beast and the image of the beast instituting Public Executions burning electronic Ndications of 666 enumerations of the Dreaded Mark of the Beast this 666 is coming to be the Ruin Of A Nation.
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