SOLyant GReen

or Crackers is People

is there anyone missing from the group

Vallhalla is not your stomacn

no one likes the idea of eating people it seems retarded when there is still so many Cattle left in India and so many Africans choosing to abstain from eating anything we should respect the dead leave that meat on them bones in them coffins all alone they should not be part of the food chain gone is dead and gone not back for breakfast back for supper in the crackers is the relatives we bury resurrected for the nutrition this is the ultimate degradation how could anyone keep living eating Bessy Sue and Uncle Billy with the soup breaking bread like breaking Daddies back passing around the plate take some IN- Laws out to dine how do we knoe the substance in the food is not just me and you inside the cracker feeding others of our kind eye for one would not eat a human cracker without pickles without mustard without soup complete with Uncle Billy makes me sick to think of SOlyant Green residing in my belly after eating you would be the next one taken to the factory added quickly to the cracker meal its YOU the homeless sick and lame the queen the queer little thing the cracker box lists all the ingredients the gradients and the graduates leaning by the fridge go see iff it says Solyant Green anywhere on the Label you will not see Lopp eared Mule iff u feel a poem should always rhyme feel free to disagree with me then go see eye will be the next cracker found in SOlyant GReen on table


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