in those old western movies and war bond movies in the back in the day hey day they were killing all the baby faced nelson boys on the screen

we learned hour lesson in life

into the ropes into the turnbuckle into the floor into the couch flying with a broken nose

fingers slammed into the piano keyboard so hard once eye will never play again

foot crippled for life in an accident at work

now my back is going out from weight of the pack  kidneys working overtime to keep me alive wihout much water eye use carbonated gleem

broken teeth android machine

helpless to ordain a nun

at least money is no longer my religion

paul dumped off a high horse job suffering wishing he was never born at all

lumping all of this together on the cross

Jeez US     JeeZ           Us oh LORD what have eye to do with yew

why did you give me to the warfair

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