Work Slave Learn

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It is attitude which carries us to extremes of function in the real world a person misses work at an establishment just once and gets the ax she gets her severance pay at once another person working at the same establishment slaves and slaves and slaves and never misses days and suddenly is gone for days and is almost begged at last to please come back It is attitude which marks us as predominate or nude. Most people just slave, slave, slave, slave,
They work to get the pay slave, slave, slave the cell phone conversations overheard from all the unemployed and unemployable they hark upon the fact they need a JOB today they say eye need to work eye need $666 quick, they need to rob a bank for work is not so slick they stink and steal the money for they gas from people who have cars they steal gas with broken water hose they siphon to keep the status Quo eye have  not decided where they find the bread to eat they pay but they have no work they thief they slave ,slave ,slave for those who knoe it takes two weeks to get one check and it is spent long before then just to survive a man must shower and have bread the poor girl had none she had a container not of soup but drugs she had her partee in her mind and her cell phone was heard to say we have no more we have no drugs the partee over now she rides no bus she has no more where to go she was two pennies short the WIDOWS might?


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